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THE NATIONAL HEALTH INSURANCE LIBRARY An online shelf of NHI related resources


The National Health Insurance Library has been compiled by CHESAI partners with information currently in the public domain, and is hosted by the Health Justice Initiative (HJI). CHESAI is collaborating with HJI in the development and management of this site. There are no affiliations with any political party or pharmaceutical company. 

The NHI Library brings together a range of NHI relevant resources making them readily accessible for those interested in learning more about the NHI reforms in South Africa.

We are grateful to the Parliamentary Monitoring Group (PMG) for their timely publication of developments related to the NHI Bill.


In any policy process, the public is invited to comment on draft policy documents. If you or your organisation made a submission and you don’t see it here, please email us so that we can add it. 


The National Health Insurance Libray is brought to you by the Health Justice Initiative.

The Health Justice Initiative (HJI) was formed in July 2020. It is an initiative dedicated to ensuring lifesaving diagnostics, treatment and vaccines for all by using the law to advocate for a more inclusive, equitable public health system.

The HJI uses the law, research, and advocacy to tackle the factors that shape inequity in health access, and work towards ensuring access to lifesaving diagnostics, treatment, and vaccines.